5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Posted by Kristen on February 5, 2015

A credit score is an important three digit code that can impact your financial life. If you have a score that needs a lift, here are five ways to improve your score today. (Photo Credit: Simon Cunningham/Flickr) Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Check your credit report. The first step is to check your credit […]

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How Much Does a Late Payment Affect My Credit Score?

Posted by Madison on September 11, 2014

We frequently discuss the impact of credit inquiries on credit scores whenever I write about our latest credit card application spree. What we haven’t discussed before is how much a late payment will affect your credit score. I never had the perfect data point to share… until now! How Much Does a Late Payment Affect […]

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How to Fix Errors On Your Credit Report

Posted by Kristen on May 12, 2014

Whether you realize it or not, your credit report is very important. Anytime you want to get a new credit card, apply for a loan for a home or for education or purchase a car, lenders look at your credit report to determine if you’re a good candidate. Your credit report is also used to […]

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How to Improve Your Credit Score

Posted by Kristen on May 21, 2013

Your credit score and credit report may not be something you think about often, but the fact is, when it does come time to need your credit score, it really does matter. Your credit score and report is a reflection all of your past credit history. A credit card company or someone looking to give […]

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A quick browse through many financial websites and you will be sure to find tips on improving your credit score. While it is important to have a good credit score so that you get the lowest interest possible, I question the obsessiveness that many place on their credit score. Photo Courtesy Andres Rueda Why Do […]

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Travel Application Spree for Points and Miles

Posted by Madison on June 5, 2012

When I put together our Credit Card Application Spree to Maximize Sign Up Bonuses I skipped the travel credit cards. I mentioned that we’re going to be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary next year, so I was planning to wait until early next year to make a hotel and mileage run. However, I got questions […]

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How To Recover From Identity Theft

Posted by Don on May 31, 2012

In How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft, I talked about how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft. But what if you have taken all of the steps and still fell victim? How do you recover and what steps should you take? If you are using the services of an […]

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How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Posted by Don on May 29, 2012

When we think about identity theft, we picture someone stealing our purse or wallet, hacking into our computer, or stealing our mail. But there are many other ways someone can go about stealing our identity, including going through our trash, installing fake credit card readers at gas stations to obtain the data on the card, […]

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How Much Do Credit Inquiries Really Matter?

Posted by Madison on October 4, 2011

A frequent question I see from readers is about the impact of credit inquiries on your credit score. How much do inquiries matter? I just applied for a credit card, how long do I have to wait before I can I apply for another one? I will be buying a new house soon, should I […]

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Credit Scores: VantageScore vs Fico

Posted by Amanda on August 29, 2011

Most people are very familiar with the three credit bureaus—Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion—either because they have taken a loan out, purchased a home, or know that they should be checking their credit reports from each of these agencies once a year. On top of these credit reports, there is the FICO score, which is your […]

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