The following is a guest post from Ben at Trees Full of Money. Ben’s personal finance story revolves around his realization that he was over $90,000 in debt in 2003. They developed a plan, and paid off the debt within two and a half years. Way to go Ben! For more great articles from Ben, […]

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The Big Reveal: New Kids & Money Site!

Posted by Madison on June 22, 2008

Here it is! I mentioned last week that we had launched the next phase of our business. Here’s the newest place to find me writing about money. And this isn’t just any money, it’s Kids & Money! I joined as the Kids & Money Guide focused on teaching children about money management. What […]

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Negotiating a Raise

Posted by Madison on February 29, 2008

My husband works for a university. He has a great job that he enjoys and has a great salary and benefits. However, because the university is funded by the state, raises for staff are negotiated and given across the board. The raise is not tied to performance. He has long accepted this as a way […]

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