51 Finance Tips for New Graduates

Posted by Madison on May 17, 2012

Do you have a graduate in the family? Or are you graduating this month? After years of studying it is such a great accomplishment, but it’s also a turning point in life that can impact the rest of your financial life. If you have a new graduate in your life, do them a favor and […]

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5 Potential Costs of a New Job

Posted by Jill on June 2, 2011

Are you thinking about switching jobs? As the job market starts to loosen up just a little bit, unhappy and underpaid workers everywhere are considering brushing up their resumes to submit applications. Nearly everyone who seeks to switch jobs attempts to get at least a small raise…but a small raise might not be enough if the […]

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Making the Big Decision to Move Cross-Country

Posted by Jill on May 25, 2011

I’ve lived in DC for a total of eight years, four in college and four since. At the end of each of those post-college years I have contemplated my next steps – do I stay where I’m at, move to a new local apartment, or make an even bigger move back to my home state […]

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My First Job Ended in Unemployment

Posted by Amanda on August 19, 2010

During good economic times, finding a new position after losing your job typically takes 2-3 months. I remember hearing this from my favorite career counselor—whom I still seek advice from even five years out of college—and thinking to myself, “two to three months? That’s impossible!” But she was right. When I was unemployed in 2006, […]

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I have such a hunger for learning. Even after graduating college I’ve continued my education by taking classes in yoga, cooking, SEO/Blogging, Japanese, Microsoft Excel, and whatever else I can get my hands on. If I am interested enough in a subject, I will go to great lengths to pursue study in it; after all, […]

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6 Job Search Tips for New College Grads

Posted by Kate on May 13, 2009

New graduates face one of the toughest job markets we’ve seen in decades. New grads must take charge of their job search in a way past graduates didn’t need to. Hiring and salary freezes are more common than ever and career fields that once almost guaranteed high salaries are among the most difficult in which […]

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Would You Quit Your Job for a Whole New Career?

Posted by Madison on March 17, 2009

I mentioned while reflecting on leaving my job that my husband is reevaluating his plan to work. He was presented with a unique career opportunity, but he only essentially had 2 days to make a decision. Background I mentioned that my dad was in the hospital. He was recovering slowly, but wasn’t able to return […]

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Reflections on Leaving My Job… Six Months Later

Posted by Madison on March 16, 2009

Six months ago, I left my corporate job. My goals to spend more time with my kids, teach others about personal finance, and pursue a life with more freedom are more fulfilling than I even imagined. Over the last six months, I’ve had time to reflect on my decision to follow my heart. Stepping off […]

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Is Your Credit Application Affected By Your Job?

Posted by Madison on December 1, 2008

The following is a guest post by Tisha Tolar. Special thanks to Tisha for filling in while I’m on vacation. As the economy continues to remain unstable, it seems for many that all four walls are starting to crumble. Facing more struggles paying bills, worries about job loss, and even concerns about day to day […]

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Are You Ready to Lose Your Job?

Posted by Madison on November 17, 2008

It’s probably not something you want to hear right now: you’ve lost your job. The news struck close to home last month when a family member lost his job. Watching him go through the process made me realize that with some advance planning, it could have eased some of the burdens. Preparing to lose your […]

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