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The Big Reveal: New Kids & Money Site!

Here it is! I mentioned last week that we had launched the next phase of our business. Here’s the newest place to find me writing about money. And this isn’t just any money, it’s Kids & Money [1]!


I joined About.com [2] as the Kids & Money Guide [1] focused on teaching children about money management.

What better way to combine two of my favorite topics – parenting and finance – into one? If you are a parent or grandparent, it should be a great resource for you.

Kids & Money Articles

Here’s a sample of some of the articles I’ve written:

I’ll highlight articles here that you might enjoy from the Kids & Money site; otherwise, feel free to visit me at About.com!

Small Business Launch

Back in February, I made a goal of expanding our business beyond My Dollar Plan in the results of my Stay Home or Go Back to Work Decision [8]. I’m pleased that I met that goal just a quick four months later.

With the addition of About.com to our business plan, we’ve completed the first two phases. We have plans for two more, but between My Dollar Plan, About.com and freelance work with Mint, I’m pretty much exhausted. (Don’t forget to count the kids, my husband, and my day job in there too!) It might be time for me to revisit my Life Mix Pie Chart [9].