AwardWallet Point Tracking with Free Upgrade

Posted by Madison on June 28, 2011

Every time we take advantage of a new bonus and sign up for a new offer or program, it makes keeping track of frequent flyer miles, credit cards rewards programs, and loyalty rewards programs a mess.

Add in the quarterly switching of credit cards and maximizing various online shopping cash back programs and remembering to redeem your trail of unused points can turn the mess into an organizational nightmare.

AwardWallet Point and Miles Tracking

When I switched from Microsoft Money to Quicken, one of my favorite features was lost – the ability to track frequent flier miles. Ever since I’ve been on a search to find a better way to track not only miles, but all of these point balances for the programs I use.

I think I finally found the solution with AwardWallet! It’s a free service that consolidates the viewing of all of your award programs: airline, hotel, credit card, car rental, and online shopping. AwardWallet currently has 368 loyalty programs. Once you set it up you can track the balances and update all of the accounts at once. Here are some of my favorite features:

Expiration Date. In addition to showing you your mile or point balance, it also displays the expiration date, which is nice.

Multiple People. AwardWallet lets you assign additional people to your account. I can easily track both my awards and my husbands awards in the same account (or they have an option to connect with another person’s AwardWallet account).

Android Access. I tried using Yodlee to track miles for awhile, but now that I’ve taken a liking to android finance apps, I like programs that integrate with my phone; AwardWallet does, Yodless doesn’t.

Itineraries. They also advertise the ability to gather itineraries for you, but I don’t have any airlines tickets booked, so I’m not sure how well that feature works.

Free vs Paid Membership

AwardWallet has a premium membership version that you have to pay for called AwardWallet Plus. The weird part is that is says “you get to choose” the price, although I did see a $5 credit on my account, so I assume you can choose $5, but I’m not entirely sure.

The free version displays everything I need to track my account balances. The plus version has the ability to export to excel and display historical balances. Not something I’d pay for, but something I’d be happy to try out for free.

Earning Extra Points

The AwardWallet referral program caught my eye! I love referral programs so I can sign up my parents, my kids, and all the other family members who have agreed to be in my circle of signing up for stuff to maximize offers. AwardWallet says they are experimenting with referrals:

If you invite users and they join you get free upgrades for every 5 people who join, however there is more to it. If any of the people you invite pay us for AwardWallet upgrades, you will get bonus points in proportion to their contribution. If the people you invited don’t pay us for upgrades you don’t get any points. When you reach certain thresholds, we will convert those points into miles of your choice and deposit those points into your loyalty account.

It’s an interesting concept, although I’m still not sure if there is any value in the service beyond the free account. If not, the referral program doesn’t add much value.

Startling Statistics

As I was checking out all of AwardWallet information, some startling statistics caught my eye:

  • There are an estimated 10 trillion unused frequent-flier miles in circulation worth over $165 billion.
  • 20% or more of all frequent-flier miles don’t ever get redeemed.

That means that roughly $33 billion worth of frequent flier miles are just tossed aside. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have plans to waste any of my points or miles!

Free Upgrade

I sent AwardWallet an email and asked them if they’d be willing to provide a code for a free 6 month upgrade to AwardWallet’s premium membership for My Dollar Plan readers, so we can try out the plus service.

They agreed, and gave me the following code to use when you open an AwardWallet account: 1stTimeUsersAWPlus.

Thanks for the code, AwardWallet!

What do you use to track all of your point and mileage balances?

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Comments to AwardWallet Point Tracking with Free Upgrade

  1. I don’t really have a way to track my frequent flyer miles since I’d never really had enough miles worth using. But, last week, my husband and I planned a trip and saved about $200 on airfare. So, maybe this would be useful to me.


  2. Is this till your fav. award tracker program? Looks like they also track CC points like Citi ThankYou and also MyPanera. Any updated thoughts?


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