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A Comparison of College Savings Plans

Posted by Jill on September 23, 2009

It is never too early to start thinking of saving for college. Yesterday, we talked about things to consider when developing a college savings plan. Today we’ll review various college savings options in more detail. College Savings Plan Considerations When choosing a savings plan, you should be aware of the following: Maximum contribution per year: […]

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Things to Consider When Saving For College

Posted by Jill on September 22, 2009

As another school year dawns, high school students everywhere are thinking of what will come next: college life and all that it entails. Meanwhile, their parents are thinking of the accompanying bills. Depending on where a student goes to school, college can entail books, dorm costs, meal plans, parking, and travel to/from home – in […]

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5 Ways to Access Extra Cash

Posted by Jill on September 14, 2009

We talk a lot about budgeting and making frugal choices – but what happens when you do everything right and still find yourself coming up short month after month? Or maybe your day-to-day cash flow is fine, but you find yourself needing cash to do things generally deemed financially smart – things like paying an […]

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Why I Like ING Direct

Posted by Jill on September 7, 2009

Many financially-savvy people have turned to online banks for their savings (and sometimes even checking) account needs. Online banks often provide higher interest rates and better customer service than traditional brick-and-mortar banks. Of course, the lack of a physical branch makes it harder to access your money immediately. Here’s my personal experience with one of […]

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How to Save for Multiple Goals

Posted by Jill on August 31, 2009

I am more motivated to save when I know exactly what I am saving for. I’ve found that two things help me stay on track with my savings: prioritizing my goals and planning in advance how each paycheck will be split between the goals. As I mentioned in my post on my financial tracking system, […]

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Manage Your Budget by Tracking Your Spending

Posted by Jill on August 10, 2009

When Madison ran my first guest post in early July, How to Get Control of Your Budget, several commenters asked for more information about the “detailed tracking system” I mentioned. Madison has graciously agreed to host another post so I can share my system with you – let’s dig in! The System I use an […]

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How to Get Control of Your Budget

Posted by Jill on July 8, 2009

About the author: Jill graduated from college two years ago. Since then she has developed a passion for personal finance. She’s currently studying for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam, and hopes to become a full-time financial planner. Establishing a Budget When I first became interested in personal finance in the fall of 2007, one […]

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