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How to Get a Free Credit Report

Posted by Jill on February 8, 2010

Like many people, you may have resolved to pay off debt or otherwise get your finances in order this year. If so, one of the first things you should do is pull a credit report on yourself and your spouse. If you are planning to purchase a house or apply for any other large loan, […]

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Do You Overlook the Indirect Costs?

Posted by Jill on February 1, 2010

Leading up to my CFP(R) exam last fall, I set a little aside from several paychecks to save the total amount of my registration fee. When I registered, I depleted the entire amount I had saved – but the registration wasn’t the end of my exam-related expenses. I forgot to take into account the $120 […]

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7 Ways to Fix Your Credit After a Foreclosure

Posted by Jill on January 25, 2010

In 2009, over 3 million homes were forced into foreclosure. High unemployment, adjustable rate mortgages, and tight credit came together to make it simply impossible for many American homeowners to continue making mortgage payments. Foreclosure leaves a big black mark on your credit report, and can drop your credit score by up to 150 points, […]

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How to Earn High Returns with Lending Club

Posted by Jill on January 6, 2010

Almost two years ago I opened a P2P lending account with Prosper. I invested in about 20 loans before they shut down for SEC registration. I switched to more stringent lending criteria after having a few loans default early on, but still had many defaults. Those defaults made me a little turned off by the […]

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Prosper Versus Lending Club

Posted by Jill on January 5, 2010

About 2006, Peer to Peer (P2P) lending emerged as a new way for people to lend money to each other without going through banks or other traditional avenues. Since then, the two largest players in the P2P market have been Prosper (our review) and Lending Club (our review). Both sites allow borrowers to make loan […]

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Prosper Review: A Closer Look at Social Lending

Posted by Jill on January 4, 2010

Social lending, also called Person-to-Person and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending, started a few years ago as a way for people to borrow and lend money without going through traditional banks. The two biggest players in the industry are Prosper and Lending Club. Give social lending a try for free! Sign up for Lending Club and get […]

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Frugal Gifts and Holiday Deals

Posted by Jill on December 21, 2009

Are you still frantically looking for holiday gifts? Luckily, it’s easier than ever to shop from the comfort of your home, and get great deals in the process! Many online retailers are offering free shipping, and even more are offering BIG sales in an effort to drive revenue. The deals are-ever changing, so instead of […]

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9 Ways to Save Money this Holiday Season

Posted by Jill on December 15, 2009

Over Thanksgiving, I felt a little guilty when I realized how much I spent on unnecessary items while traveling: $18 for a cab (subway would have been $3 max), $7 for lunch in the airport, and $15 in the airport bookstore for a book that has been out for awhile and is available at the […]

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How To Save Money on Gift Wrap

Posted by Jill on December 7, 2009

If you completed your holiday shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it’s time for the next step… wrapping! So many times I’ve set a budget for a gift and stayed within it – only to spend a fortune buying the perfect wrapping supplies. If you’re trying to save money this holiday season, consider some […]

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Plan and Budget for Holiday Spending

Posted by Jill on November 25, 2009

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Whether you’ve already started shopping, plan on hitting Black Friday sales, or are still procrastinating just a bit, one thing is certain: holiday spending can quickly become a budget buster. But with a bit of careful planning, you can get through this holiday season without spending more than […]

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