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How to Claim the Mortgage Insurance Tax Deduction

Posted by Amanda on February 23, 2011

Owning a home can be an expensive proposition. There is the mortgage, mortgage interest, homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, upkeep, and an added mortgage insurance premium for certain loan types and for people who do not have a big enough down payment when first purchasing their home. Fortunately for homeowners, the government generally encourages homeownership in […]

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New 2011 Tax Rules for eBay Sellers: The 1099K

Posted by Amanda on February 7, 2011

The IRS estimates there is a $300 billion a year tax gap, or the amount owed by individuals and businesses versus the amount that is being paid in taxes. In looking to close this tax gap, the government wants to better track business transactions for tax purposes. Buried deep in the health care reform bill […]

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7 of the Best Free Finance Apps for the iPhone and iPad

Posted by Amanda on February 1, 2011

Apps for the iPhone or the iPad can run anywhere from $0.99 to $20+ (I found one that is a whopping $999.99) and people are making good income off of creating applications that elevate your phone to a concierge service, game system, and all around personal assistant. But did you know about all of the […]

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10 Wacky and Clever Safes to Hide Your Money

Posted by Amanda on January 19, 2011

No dollar plan is complete without incorporating strategies to safeguard your money and assets. After all, what is the point in growing your dollars if you might lose them down the road? While we usually think of insurance, investment vehicles, and trying to stay away from the Bernie Madoffs of the world as the way […]

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Do You Qualify for the Retirement Saver’s Tax Credit?

Posted by Amanda on January 17, 2011

Everyone wants to secure a comfortable and stable financial future for themselves and their families. However, saving for retirement may seem like a pipe dream if you are struggling just to pay your day-to-day bills. Even with low income, you can still set aside money for your retirement through the Savers Tax Credit. If you […]

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Will You Be Subject to the IRS Tax Filing Delay?

Posted by Amanda on January 13, 2011

Update: For information on the current year tax filing delay, see tax refund delay. Tax Delay 2010 Do you itemize deductions? If so, you might be subject to the IRS tax filing delay this year. With the passing of the Social Security tax break, deductions for state and local sales taxes, an AMT patch, tuition […]

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Investing in Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds

Posted by Amanda on January 12, 2011

Last week I sat down with my husband Paul after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. My mind was racing with ideas, as I am sure yours were if you have read the book, and I decided to delve into these ideas by first looking at the topic of tax lien certificates. Admittedly when I sat […]

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I love finding leaks in our budget, plugging them, and reaping the savings from doing so. I have done this by unplugging our electrical appliances when not in use, grocery shopping every other week instead of every week, doing the drugstore game, and subscribing to Netflix instead of going to the DVD store (my husband […]

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A lot of numbers were thrown around in the fall of 2008 as one by one several of the country’s major financial corporations dropped like dominoes. Here’s a small (not all inclusive) recap: September 7: Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were seized by the government with approximately $5 trillion worth of mortgages. September 15: Lehman […]

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Billionaire Winners and Losers from the Recession

Posted by Amanda on December 27, 2010

I fared pretty well with my portfolio during the recession. Instead of being fearful and pulling my money out of the market, I took Warren Buffett’s advice and bought more. I bought shares in my IRA when the market was down (vs. dollar averaging throughout the year). I also purchased some US Steel stocks when […]

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