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7 of the Best Free Finance Apps for the iPhone and iPad

Apps for the iPhone or the iPad can run anywhere from $0.99 to $20+ (I found one that is a whopping $999.99 [1]) and people are making good income off of creating applications that elevate your phone to a concierge service, game system, and all around personal assistant.

But did you know about all of the great free apps out there? There are many great iPhone and iPad finance apps you can use for free!

Here are a few of my favorite free financial apps you can download for your iPhone or iPad:

Best Finance Apps for Free

  1. Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner [2]: Are you ever in the store and can’t find the price to an item? This is one of my pet peeves since price typically dictates whether or not I will purchase something. This free money saving app gives you a price checker in your hand; just scan the barcode to any item and find out pricing and inventory information at your local stores (it provides directions). Bonus: Use the other local pricing to price match at stores where you have coupons and/or gift cards.
  2. Key Ring Reward Cards [3]: Scan in all of your member loyalty cards and rewards cards…heck, even your library card! Use this best money app on your iPhone or iPad and cut about two inches of thickness off of your wallet.
  3. Ask Dave Ramsey [4]:  This free personal finance app is designed to answer the question “What Would Dave Do” when you get into situations. You will get Dave Ramsey advice, anecdotes, and examples of real-life situations.
  4. PageOnce [5]: This free money app offers you access to all of your online accounts—financial, Netflix, utilities, travel reservations, social media sites etc.—without having to sign in. If your phone is stolen, you can access the Page Once website and disable everything.
  5. Mint.com [6]: Track and manage your money from anywhere for free and sync it with your Mint.com [7] account.
  6. Yahoo Personal Finance [8]: This free finance app provides you with market quotes, statistics on stocks, currency exchange rates, tech ticker videos and more.  
  7. Real-Time Stocks [9]: If you are a day trader, or really into keeping up with your portfolio, this free money app is a way for you to check real-time stock prices.

More Finance Apps

Tax apps. If it’s tax apps you’re after, check out the 5 Helpful iPhone Tax Apps [10].

Android apps. Don’t have an iPhone? Check out our list of Top Finance Apps for Android [11].

What are your favorite money saving apps for the iPhone?