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10 Wacky and Clever Safes to Hide Your Money

No dollar plan is complete without incorporating strategies to safeguard your money and assets. After all, what is the point in growing your dollars if you might lose them down the road?

While we usually think of insurance, investment vehicles, and trying to stay away from the Bernie Madoffs [1] of the world as the way to safeguard our finances, it is also important to think about safeguarding the valuables, money, important documents [2], and jewels that you keep in your own home.

Below is a list of wacky and ingenious diversion safes you can purchase. Remember that these diversion safes will only work when they appear to be normal fixtures/products in your home (for example, don’t keep the Del Monte Fruit Cocktail safe under your bed—that would be a dead giveaway to a burglar).

You will also want to let your partner or other family member know where you are hiding things in case you forget or something happens to you, since these home safes aren’t as obvious as traditional fire safes.

10 Wacky Security Safes

  1. Iceberg Lettuce [3]: Unless they want to add a little fiber and water to their lives, I don’t see someone going in your fridge to steal your iceberg lettuce. On the flipside, someone in your family might grab this to eat so give everyone the heads up.

  2. Del Monte Fruit Cocktail [4]: No longer just for grandparents (my grandmother uses this as our fruit cocktail for every great holiday meal she cooks us, and my grandfather used to eat these all the time). This can looks identical to the one you buy in a store and will easily camouflage in with the rest of your pantry.

  3. Wall Clock [5]: This looks like a cheap dollar store clock that no burglar would want to put on their wall.

  4. Kibbles’n Bits: Honestly, what burglar would come in to steal your dog food?

  5. Electrical Outlet [6]: It is unlikely burglars will unscrew your wall sockets to sell on the black market.

  6. Surge Protector Safe [7]: This is genius! Except if you have electronics plugged into it and the burglar just snatches everything…

  7. Candle Safe [8]: Make sure to not accidentally “burn” through your cash.

  8. Jock Itch Can [9]: I don’t think anyone will want to touch this one.

  9. Flower Pot [10]: Once again, this is not something worth stealing, and so it is unlikely that a burglar will look here. (You may want to put this in your backyard instead of your front yard).

  10. Sprinkler Head [11]: Another genius idea (you may want to put this in your backyard instead of your front yard).  

Do you have any great hiding places, or have you purchased in home safes that you think are either wacky or clever? I’d love to hear about it!