6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Make a Purchase

Posted by Kristen on January 20, 2015

We often don’t go a week or even a day without making some type of purchase. But for all of those times we make a purchase, how often do you think about it before you make it? Whether it’s a pack of gum or a new car, there are some questions you should ask yourself before making that purchase. Here are six questions to ask yourself before any purchase.


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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Purchase

  1. Is this a want or a need? Before you make a purchase, ask yourself if this is a want or a need. Wants should be further analyzed, especially if you’re trying to get out of debt or save more money. If it is a want, consider not purchasing it right away. You can take a photo of it or bookmark it online, and then come back to it in a few days or a week to see if you still want it. If it’s a want and you decide you don’t need it, consider keeping track. You might realize that after a few weeks of not giving into those wants, you’ve saved quite a bit of money.
  2. Can I afford this? Ask yourself if you can truly afford this purchase. We often rationalize purchases by thinking we deserve it because we work so hard, we will be able to afford it later when we are making more money, or that we need it. But instead, factually consider if with what you earn, what you have saved, and what debt you have, if you can really afford it.
  3. Is this in my budget? Did you budget for this purchase? Regardless of if you are trying to get out of debt, increase your savings account, or just stay on track with your spending, a budget is essential. If this would put you over budget, it’s something to really consider.
  4. Can I find this cheaper elsewhere? Don’t make that purchase quite yet. Do a quick online search to see if you can get the same item for a cheaper price. Even if it is the same price at another store, does that store offer discounts for signing up to their e-mail alerts or do they have coupons you could use?
  5. What are people saying about this? Check reviews on a product before purchasing it. You might find that it isn’t worth the money, and you should keep looking. Also, if you’re shopping online, does the online store have good ratings with the Better Business Bureau?
  6. Is this a safe purchase? If you’re shopping online, it’s particularly important to consider if the purchase is safe. Check out any complaints or issues the website may have had with the Better Business Bureau or other consumer advocate websites. When you’re entering in your credit card information, is the website secure? For an extra level of security, use a credit card that offers fraud protection and easily lets you dispute charges when shopping online.

What are other questions should you ask before making a purchase? What questions do you ask yourself before a purchase?

More Questions to Ask Yourself

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