$50 Sharebuilder Bonus for Existing Accounts

Posted by Madison on September 21, 2011

Sharebuilder is giving out bonuses again! You can earn $50 from Sharebuilder, and the good news is that you can take advantage of the bonuses even if you already have an existing account, a rare free money deal!

Free Money week continues with the Sharebuilder bonus. In case you didn’t get the email from Sharebuilder about the bonus, here’s how it works:

How to Get $50 from Sharebuilder

  1. Log in to your Sharebuilder account.
  2. Navigate to the promo page: Accounts > Overview > Profile & Settings > Enter Promotion
  3. Enter the promotion code: OLRCDP50
  4. Make a $100 deposit every month from September through December.
  5. Get your $50 account bonus before the end of January 2012.

Sharebuilder Terms and Conditions

  • If you make a withdrawal from your account during this promotion timeframe (September – December), you won’t be eligible to receive the bonus.
  • After entering the promotion code, verify that you get the following message: Your promotion code has been accepted. Congratulations!

More on Sharebuilder

Lower deposit option. You can also get a $25 account bonus with $50 deposits each month using the promo code: OLRCDP25.

Schedule Transfers. So that you don’t forget to make the transfers each month, you can sign up for automatic transfers each month.

Multiple accounts. I tried to enter the bonus code on both of my Sharebuilder accounts, but it only was accepted on one.

New Sharebuilder Account

If you don’t have a Sharebuilder account you can sign up for an account, and get a ShareBuilder $50 Sign Up Bonus.

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Comments to $50 Sharebuilder Bonus for Existing Accounts

  1. Do we know if this is good for IRA accounts? Usually their codes are not…but they’re also not usually good for existing accounts, so I’m hopeful!


    • I didn’t see anything either way about it. Many times their codes error out it they won’t take it – try putting it in and see if you get an error.


  2. I got the below error message as I had already entered to $25 w/ $50/month deposit.

    “The Promotion Code you provided cannot be entered for this account, because this promotion or a related promotion has already been entered for another account belonging to this account holder.”


    • Unimax,
      Bummer! I did that too on one of our accounts. Maybe you could try calling and ask them to attach the second code instead?


  3. Well its now after Jan 31st, and after entering the code back in Sept 2011 and getting accepted, and making the required deposits with no withdrawals – nothing from Sharebuilder. Did this work for anyone?


    • Hi Chris,
      I just logged into my account, and I don’t see the bonus. Time to call Sharebuilder, thanks for the reminder! I hate when banks don’t automatically give you the bonus and you have to follow up to remind them.

      Can anyone else report if they got their bonus automatically?


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