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$50 Sharebuilder Bonus for Existing Accounts

Sharebuilder [1] is giving out bonuses again! You can earn $50 from Sharebuilder, and the good news is that you can take advantage of the bonuses even if you already have an existing account, a rare free money deal!

Free Money [2] week continues with the Sharebuilder bonus. In case you didn’t get the email from Sharebuilder about the bonus, here’s how it works:

How to Get $50 from Sharebuilder

  1. Log in to your Sharebuilder [1] account.
  2. Navigate to the promo page: Accounts > Overview > Profile & Settings > Enter Promotion
  3. Enter the promotion code: OLRCDP50
  4. Make a $100 deposit every month from September through December.
  5. Get your $50 account bonus before the end of January 2012.

Sharebuilder Terms and Conditions

  • If you make a withdrawal from your account during this promotion timeframe (September – December), you won’t be eligible to receive the bonus.
  • After entering the promotion code, verify that you get the following message: Your promotion code has been accepted. Congratulations!

More on Sharebuilder

Lower deposit option. You can also get a $25 account bonus with $50 deposits each month using the promo code: OLRCDP25.

Schedule Transfers. So that you don’t forget to make the transfers each month, you can sign up for automatic transfers each month.

Multiple accounts. I tried to enter the bonus code on both of my Sharebuilder [1] accounts, but it only was accepted on one.

New Sharebuilder Account

If you don’t have a Sharebuilder account you can sign up for an account, and get a ShareBuilder $50 Sign Up Bonus [3].