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7 Fun and Beneficial Things To Do While Unemployed

Posted by Kristen on June 10, 2013

The word “unemployed” has the ability to make anyone cringe. The thought of being without a steady income is scary. The irony of being unemployed is that you finally have all the time in the world to do whatever you want, but chances are, you’re so determined to find a job, all you are doing […]

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NBA Checking $100 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Kate on June 7, 2013

For those of you who are big NBA fans and happen to be looking for a new checking account, this week’s Free Money Friday offer from BBVA is perfect for you – your ATM card will even have your favorite team on the front. How to Earn $100 Apply for an NBA Checking account. Make […]

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What is the New Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit?

Posted by Madison on June 6, 2013

While tax season may have wrapped up for this year, there’s already some buzz about a new tax topic for next year, the Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit and health insurance subsidies which will begin on January 1, 2014. What is the Health Insurance Tax Credit? The new health care premium tax credits are part […]

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7 Frugal Alternatives to Home Security Systems

Posted by Amanda on June 4, 2013

One thing that my husband and I did not do much of after purchasing our first home together in 2009 is survey the property for any security weaknesses and address them. We know that we do not want to purchase a security system, but there are still frugal alternatives that we can do in order […]

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8 Ways to Stop Wasting Food

Posted by Kristen on June 3, 2013

Food is a huge part of everyone’s monthly budget. But what’s great for those of us who are saving and watching our spending, is that we can control how much we spend on food. Unlike many of our bills, we are able to set our monthly total cost. Even if you already know how to […]

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Finance Tips: Advice for Recent Grads

Posted by Kate on June 2, 2013

Are you headed to graduation parties this weekend? In between parties, make sure to catch up on these inspiring personal finance reads! Source: Doug88888 Advice for Recent Grads 51 Finance Tips for New Graduates New Grads: 29 Money-Smart Tips 10 Financial Tips for New Grads 6 Mistakes of New Earners and How to Fix Them Finance […]

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