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Enroll in FIA Easy Rewards Credit Card Bonuses

Posted by Madison on July 7, 2011

Third quarter just got a little bit better with some help from FIA credit cards! FIA is now joining the quarterly rotating rewards game. To find out your 3rd quarter FIA rewards: Go to FIA Easy Rewards. Select that you forgot your code, and you’ll be prompted to enter your card information. FIA will present […]

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Kids and Money: A Summer Job for Our Niece

Posted by Amanda on July 6, 2011

My husband and I enjoy the occasional spoiling of our niece and nephew, especially since we do not yet have kids of our own. We give them Christmas and Birthday presents, take them out on little adventures when we visit my family each year, and always allow them to pick out a new book at […]

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Have you watched TLC’s new Extreme Couponing show? It’s quite the circus ride through coupons, sales ads, excel sheets, grocery shopping, and the cash register. Even more so than that, there are allegations of coupon fraud by show participants. That’s right—people have been taped committing coupon fraud and this has been aired on television. At […]

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