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5 Free Resources for Start-Up Businesses

Posted by Amanda on July 27, 2011

Do you have a business idea that’s been nagging you for the last few years? According to the US Census Bureau, over 590,000 new start-up companies open their doors in the US each year. One of these could be yours. Small companies and businesses take a lot of time and energy. You have to be passionate, diligent, […]

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Finally, after months of rotating our grocery store purchases on various cards, and in my search for new cards to replace the 6 months of 5% cash back on the AARP card, I finally found a great cash back card: the new Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express that gives 6% cash back on […]

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7 Credit Card Commandments

Posted by Jill on July 25, 2011

Do you remember when you got your first credit card? Mine was a Capital One card offered to me when I was in high school because my parents were long-time Capital One customers. It had an annual fee of $39, a whopping $250 credit card limit and was supposed to be used for emergencies only. […]

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Social Security Calculator, 1936 Budget, and More

Posted by Madison on July 21, 2011

Last spring, Social Security announced they’ll no longer send the annual statement. While you can still use the SSA’s Social Security Calculator to estimate your benefits, the government calculator left a lot to be desired as far as planning and maximizing your benefit. New AARP Social Security Calculator The new AARP Social Security Benefits Calculator […]

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OptionsHouse Review

Posted by Kate on July 20, 2011

Since we looked at that great Dell offer from OptionsHouse (remember, it expires July 31, 2011!), it makes sense to take a look at all that OptionsHouse has to offer as a brokerage. Their rock-bottom prices and low account minimums make them a great choice for the casual investor while their sophisticated platform will appeal […]

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Last Day to Lock in Virgin Mobile $25 Per Month Plan

Posted by Madison on July 19, 2011

My dad is finally embracing technology. He recently got his first computer and now he’s in the market for a cell phone. And of course after holding out for 60 years, he not only wants a cell phone, but a smartphone. Way to go dad! I searched for the cheapest way to get him on […]

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How Much Money Do You Spend on (Bad) Habits?

Posted by Amanda on July 18, 2011

There are basically two schools of thought in the financial community when it comes to saving money on purchases. One is to focus your efforts on saving money on the big purchases in your life, such as a home, a car, insurance, furniture, etc., and to not focus your attention on the everyday purchases. The […]

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State Taxes, Debt Ceiling, and More

Posted by Madison on July 14, 2011

There was a lot of discussion around our property taxes in Should We Move to a Smaller House? Our $11,000 annual property tax bill seemed high to many readers. We’ve always known we live in a high tax state (especially for being in the Midwest), but some recent state tax comparisons are helpful to put […]

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I know that by now you’re all familiar with my move to Texas. But I’m not 100% sure that I mentioned that I’ve actually moved back in with my parents. Since my parents moved houses while I was in college, it’s not exactly the room that I grew up in – but it’s pretty close! Making […]

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Companies That Pay You to Reuse Items You Already Own

Posted by Amanda on July 11, 2011

I am an environmental investigator, and environmental studies was one of my majors in college. Needless to say, environmental issues and living a more sustainable life are important to me. Regardless of whether or not you feel the same, there are many manufacturer and retail environmental programs out there that will save you money—something I’m […]

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