State Taxes, Debt Ceiling, and More

Posted by Madison on July 14, 2011

There was a lot of discussion around our property taxes in Should We Move to a Smaller House? Our $11,000 annual property tax bill seemed high to many readers. We’ve always known we live in a high tax state (especially for being in the Midwest), but some recent state tax comparisons are helpful to put everything in perspective:

(By the way, we’ve been actively looking at some houses over the last few weeks, but still haven’t settled on a decision yet.)

Debt Ceiling

You can’t read or watch the news right now without mention of the debt ceiling. Is it really important or is it media hoopla? Will the US default? Will Social Security and military checks stop or be reduced? Will the outcome force the markets into a stock market crash worse than we saw in 2008?

I’ve heard all of those statements thrown out, and yes, they sound really scary. But I think instead of grasping a single headline and following the herd into a frenzy, it’s better to step back and read as much as we can about the situation.

I tried to find the best technical description of the financial impacts of the debt ceiling, but to be honest, it’s pretty hard to find anything that isn’t clouded with politics. In search of informative and helpful articles, here’s what I’m currently reading about the debt ceiling:

What have you read about the debt ceiling that you think is informative and helpful?




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