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How Do You Decide When You Are Done Having Kids?

Posted by Madison on November 11, 2010

I have many readers that really don’t care about the finance part of personal finance. They just care about the personal part. So I promised my aunt, who was visiting last weekend, that I’d try to focus on some more personal updates, for those of you that find finance to be truly boring. Or maybe […]

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Penny Auctions: A Great Deal or a Scam?

Posted by Amanda on November 10, 2010

Are penny auctions scams? When electronics can be so expensive, even if you aren’t spending $25,000 on a projection TV, you’ll still want to find a way to save money on your purchases. And if you are the type of consumer who hunts after the latest technology as soon as it comes out on the […]

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Student Loans: The Effect of Extra Payments

Posted by Jill on November 9, 2010

Today we’re wrapping up our Student Loan series with a look at exactly how much of a difference a few extra payments can make! For many people, large amounts of student loan debt are the only thing standing in the way of being debt-free. Even if you choose the standard repayment option on a small-dollar […]

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10 Lessons from the Downsized TV Show

Posted by Madison on November 8, 2010

I caught the first episode of the new Downsized show on WE TV on Saturday night. The Downsized show was about a family, the Bruces, who were struggling to make ends meet. Their home was foreclosed on, as was their investment condo, and they went through their savings and 401k, when the Downsized show catches […]

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Lending Club Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on November 5, 2010

Lending Club just announced a new sign up bonus, and it is bigger than the last one. Happy Free Money Friday! Lending Club is offering a $50+ sign up bonus for new lenders! How to Get Your $50+ Sign up Bonus Sign up as a lender using this special link: Lending Club $50+ Sign Up […]

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Madison’s First Favorite Thing: Amazon Gift Cards

Posted by Madison on November 4, 2010

It’s here! The 3 year anniversary of My Dollar Plan! And to celebrate, we’re giving away the first of My Favorite Things… Amazon Gift Cards. If you’ve followed me over the last three years, you know that I have an obsession with Amazon lightening deals during the holidays! So it’s only natural that Amazon gift […]

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Tips and Tricks to Save on Holiday Shopping

Posted by Madison on November 3, 2010

I’m putting together our holiday shopping checklist. No, not a gift list yet, but my preparation list to optimize sales and get the best deal on all of our shopping. Buying gifts at the holidays is something I enjoy, but I also like to see how much I can possibly save on every item. It […]

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Student Loans: Consolidation

Posted by Jill on November 2, 2010

Student Loan Consolidation is the third post in our Student Loan series. Make sure to check out previous articles on student loan basics and repayment options! After graduation, you might want to consolidate your loans. Consolidation refers to the act of taking out one loan equal to the sum of all your loans (since you […]

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Frugal Holiday Traditions to Introduce in Your Family

Posted by Amanda on November 1, 2010

Paul and I are newlyweds, and it has occurred to us that we don’t have any family holiday traditions together. We each have our own individual family traditions, but no traditions that help to define us as a family and household. While traditions are often born from a whim, I have been thinking of some […]

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