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Lending Club Sign Up Bonus

Lending Club just announced a new sign up bonus, and it is bigger than the last one. Happy Free Money [1] Friday!

Lending Club [2] is offering a $50+ sign up bonus for new lenders!

How to Get Your $50+ Sign up Bonus

  1. Sign up as a lender using this special link: Lending Club $50+ Sign Up Bonus [2].
  2. Make an initial investment of $5,000 within 45 days of signing up.
  3. Get your bonus within 15 days deposited to your account.

Lending Club Terms and Conditions

To receive your bonus, all funds must be newly transferred to your account within 45 days of your registration date, continuously maintained in your Lending Club [2] account and fully invested on the Lending Club platform within 45 days of your registration date. Your bonus, if any, will be deposited in your Lending Club account within 15 business days following the determination of your eligibility. This offer may be discontinued at any time without notice. Transactions in the secondary market (the trading platform operated in by FolioFN) do not count as “investing funds” or towards unlocking the bonus. This bonus payment is taxable so please consult with your personal tax advisor. You are responsible for any taxes related to this offer. Void where otherwise prohibited. This offer may not be combined with any other offer.

For more lender details and information about Lending Club [2], check out our full Lending Club Review [3].

For more details about this bonus please see my Lending Club $50+ Bonus [4] post.