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Chase Freedom 5% Cash Back Credit Card

Posted by Madison on May 14, 2010

Cash rewards credit cards are a fantastic way to get free money without much effort. Chase Freedom, a card I’ve had forever, just sent me a new card in the mail with a copy of their 5% cash back calendar. Of course they covered a lot of ground with cash back calendar that corresponds perfectly […]

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Goodbye Microsoft Money, Hello Quicken

Posted by Madison on May 13, 2010

Since Microsoft Money discontinued their product, I’m in the process of a huge conversion of our personal finance software. After reviewing most of the money management software available, I decided to go with the market leader, Quicken. A large part of the decision was based on the converter that Quicken is perfecting for Microsoft Money […]

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If you’re planning to make a 2010 Roth conversion, you’re going to be given an interesting choice on your Roth conversion and when to pay tax: pay the taxes now or spread the Roth conversion taxes over two years. Roth Conversion When to Pay Tax? For 2010 Roth conversions, your options of when to pay […]

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SmartyPig: The Virtual Piggy Bank

Posted by Jill on May 11, 2010

A little over a year ago, I won a SmartyPig gift card. I had heard of SmartyPig, but since I had an established ING account as well as a few others, I had never seriously considered opening an account there. Once I got the gift card though, I decided to try out SmartyPig Bank. Since […]

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Personal Finance Market Crash

Posted by Madison on May 10, 2010

Last Thursday’s market crash will be another one for the history books. To say the markets took a wild swing on May 6, 2010 is a bit of an understatement. Here are interesting pieces of the puzzle as well as some fun videos from real time on Thursday. In case you missed the crash, here’s […]

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Citi Platinum Select MasterCard

Posted by Kate on May 7, 2010

UPDATE: The statement credit is no longer available but the rest of the details remain the same.

Cash for Caulkers

Posted by Madison on

Cash for caulkers is the newest cash incentive for consumers. The goals of the cash for caulkers program, or the Homestar program, are to create jobs and save on energy bills. The house passed the $6 billion cash for caulkers program yesterday, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing lots about it in the next few […]

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Secret Costs of Moving Out on Your Own

Posted by Amanda on May 4, 2010

I can still remember the taste of freedom and excitement, laced with nervousness and anxiety, when my father drove me one and a half hours away to a small town in Maryland and helped me unpack my belongings into my first apartment. It was the summer after my college graduation, and I had landed a […]

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Roth IRA Conversion Guide

Posted by Madison on May 3, 2010

Roth IRA conversions are the trendy thing to do in 2010 since the income limits disappeared. If you’re considering a traditional IRA conversion to Roth IRA this year, here’s a guide of Roth conversion articles to help you navigate conversion rules and the pros and cons of Roth IRA conversions. Roth IRA Conversion Rules 2010 […]

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