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Goodbye Microsoft Money, Hello Quicken

Since Microsoft Money discontinued [1] their product, I’m in the process of a huge conversion of our personal finance software.

After reviewing most of the money management software available, I decided to go with the market leader, Quicken [2].

A large part of the decision was based on the converter that Quicken is perfecting for Microsoft Money users to easily convert Microsoft money to Quicken [3] with huge files. Ours dates back to 1996 and had over 200 accounts.

Microsoft Money Software Discontinued

If your copy of MS Money is now expired, you don’t have to quit using it. However, these online services will no longer work:

  • Online Quotes
  • Direct Online Banking
  • Bill Pay

The final expiration for all copies of Microsoft Money is January 2011. If your copy already expired, you might be able to purchase another copy of the Microsoft Money software on ebay [4] but it will only work until the end date in January 2011.

Quicken Promo Codes

If you’re planning to buy a copy of Quicken [2] to make your Microsoft Money to Quicken conversion, you’ll want to take advantage of the Quicken coupon codes for $20 – $50 off until July 31, 2010:

Our Quicken Conversion

We converted to the Quicken Home and Business [7] version since we had the MS Money home and business version. You need to convert to the equivalent product for the conversion to go smoothly.

I’m not going to say our conversion went flawlessly, as there is a problem with the conversion of savings bonds, but otherwise the converter did pretty well. I’m still working on rebuilding my favorite reports and a few other things that I hope to have sorted out soon. Overall, I’d give the conversion an A-.

We are now running both Microsoft Money and Quicken [2] until I feel comfortable with the new product.