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IRS Closing in on Tax Cheaters

Posted by Amanda on April 14, 2010

Suffice it to say, over the past two years the IRS has made it more of a priority to recoup the money it is owed by individuals and businesses who are not truthfully reporting their earnings. And who can blame them? With the United States debt growing to over $12.5 trillion dollars, it seems only […]

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Surprising Things That Count as Taxable Income

Posted by Jill on April 13, 2010

We all know that we must pay both income and social security taxes on employment income as well as any contract labor. But the IRS levies income taxes on some other sources of income too – some more surprising than others. If you received a windfall or other unexpected funds in 2010, chances are the […]

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College Advantage $25+ Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Madison on April 9, 2010

It’s back! It’s the one many of you were waiting for… the Ohio 529 College Advantage $25 sign up bonus is here. And it’s just in time to celebrate Free Money Friday deals at My Dollar Plan. Thanks to a reader, Erlin, for letting me know they brought it back! How to Earn Your $25 […]

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Time to Add Some TIPS

Posted by Madison on April 8, 2010

When I decided to make our Asset Allocation Update to Include More International Exposure I spent a lot of time reevaluating our entire portfolio. Currently our non stock holdings are split between cash and the total bond market. The cash is actually in CD Ladders, but I’ve found the ladders renewing at such low rates, […]

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Use Your Tax Refund to Purchase I Bonds

Posted by Amanda on April 7, 2010

Are you in line to receive a tax refund? Were you hoping to have received more of your hard earned money back into your bank account? As of 2010, there is an automatic way to invest your tax refund into government U.S. Series I Savings Bonds. This is a great way to increase your refund […]

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Which is Your Favorite Discount Broker?

Posted by Madison on April 5, 2010

I’m reevaluating the discount broker scene to add to our emerging market holdings, specifically looking for the best discount brokers. When we made changes to our most recent asset allocation to include more international exposure I identified the need to pick up more emerging markets, in an ETF instead of index funds. I hold a […]

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OptionsXpress $100 Sign Up Bonus

Posted by Kate on April 2, 2010

This week’s Free Money Friday is a great one for anyone looking for a new brokerage. OptionsXpress is offering $100 for new customers when they open an account! How to Get Your Sign Up Bonus Open and fund an OptionsXpress account with $500 by December 31, 2012. Execute three trades within 12 months of opening […]

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Happy April Fools’ Day! Gotcha Again!

Posted by Madison on April 1, 2010

So this year, when I was busy planning my annual April Fools’ Day prank for readers, I figured I better make it really obvious. Last year, months after April Fools’ Day was over, I was talking to a friend and we started talking about the website; she thought I had sold the website. I realized […]

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After reading the story of the Credit Terrorist and following the discussion on Would You Walk Away from Your Home? I realized we were sitting on a gold mine. I checked the balances on our credit card arbitrage this morning and they’re currently just over $172,000. It occurred to me, that none of this credit […]

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