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Happy April Fools’ Day! Gotcha Again!

So this year, when I was busy planning my annual [1] April Fools’ Day [2] prank for readers, I figured I better make it really obvious.

Last year, months after April Fools’ Day was over, I was talking to a friend and we started talking about the website; she thought I had sold the website. I realized at that moment, that she never realized I was joking last year.

So this year, I was determined to make it very obvious, like Google changing its name to Topeka [3], so just in case, after today, people would know I was joking.

Obvious… or Maybe Not…

I thought something so extreme, so out of character, would be perfect. The idea for Planning a $100,000 Strategic Default [4] was born!

I love my readers. Each and every one of you! Even my most gullible readers….

Mark [5] was ready to attack:

I was totally going to put in a comment questioning your judgment (and possibly moral character) until I saw the other comments and realized I’d been had. Happy April Fool’s Day!

Even some long time readers who knew it was coming still did a double-take. Stephanie’s comment was priceless:

I’m so glad I jumped to your site today to comment. I know you play April Fools jokes on us each year and yet I was caught on this one! Good Job!

I was already to rant about lack of responsibility and accountability being a huge part of the problem with our economy today.

Thanks for reminding me to not believe everything I read on the ‘net.

The True Story

Don’t worry readers, of course I’m not going to default on anything! Everything I own, including this website is very closely intertwined with my credit and my ability to secure financing for my legitimate ideas.

But beyond that, my parents raised me to work hard, save a lot, and buy only what you can afford. It would never even cross my mind to default on a promise to pay. Of course, they also taught me to be light-hearted and enjoy April Fools’ Day too!

Now, stay on your toes the rest of the day….