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CVS: My Frugal Dream Come True!

Posted by Madison on November 11, 2008

We finally got a CVS! It’s one of the stores that you read about, you hear how people are saving a ridiculous amount of money, even making money… and for the longest time, we didn’t even have one! All that changed this month when the doors to our newly built CVS opened! CVS can be […]

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14 Steps to Prepare For Holiday Shopping

Posted by Madison on November 10, 2008

Too early to begin holiday shopping? … OK, maybe, for some of you. But it’s not too early to begin planning for holiday shopping! The more prep work you do, the better result you will have with your money and stress in the next six weeks. 1. Make your list. Hopefully you saved your list […]

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Your Tax Questions Answered

Posted by Madison on November 6, 2008

While I do have a lot of tax knowledge, most of it from volunteering at VITA, I am by no means an expert! Every so often, I forward a bunch of questions from readers to our local IRS agent to either answer or confirm my answers. Our contact recently retired after over 3 decades of […]

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Happy Anniversary!

Posted by Madison on November 5, 2008

I can’t believe it… it’s been one year since My Dollar Plan officially went live. Last week I asked for input to help shape the direction of the upcoming year here. Thanks for casting all your votes! The top five categories that you want to read about are: Retirement Planning Investing Frugality Free Money Tax […]

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Leaving My Job: Q & A

Posted by Madison on November 1, 2008

All my life I’ve been a saver. Always with the intent to save enough so that I have the freedom in my life to do what I want. And for the last year, I’ve had an incredible time sharing all the tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way. Background Long time readers will […]

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