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CVS: My Frugal Dream Come True!

We finally got a CVS! It’s one of the stores that you read about, you hear how people are saving a ridiculous amount of money, even making money… and for the longest time, we didn’t even have one! All that changed this month when the doors to our newly built CVS opened!

CVS can be the dream come true for a frugal minded person. With their ExtraCare rewards program, great coupons and deals on free items, you can stock the bathroom closet for years to come. We actually have about 40 bottles of our favorite shampoo from a 3 week adventure at CVS when I was visiting my in-laws last year. Total cost: about $3.

CVS: The Plan to Stack Rewards

The best part about CVS is the ability to stack multiple deals and coupons on top of each other. Before you begin shopping at CVS, you’ll want to set up and link your rewards accounts and options.

  • Get an Extra Care card [1] to earn 2% back on your purchases.
  • Register your email address with CVS to get additional coupons sent to your in box.
  • Register your Extra Care card with Upromise [2] to get even more cash back.
  • Use a cash rewards credit card [3] to make your purchases and earn even more cash back!

CVS Deal Sites

Each week and month CVS offers new deals. So that you don’t have to do the work for yourself, here are some of my favorite sites that track CVS deals. Most of the time, you can find step-by-step instructions on how to work a deal to spend the least amount of money (or make money).

More CVS Information

If you are new to the CVS game, but it sounds intriguing, here are some helpful resources:

Free Stuff

Each week or month CVS features deals that sometimes work out to be free. What if you don’t need the item? Normally, I would suggest skipping the transaction… however, when you are buying drugstore type items, there are many uses for free items:

  • Donate the items to a local shelter or pantry. Soaps, deodorants, shampoos, and other personal hygiene items are usually always welcome and in high demand. In addition, you can deduct the fair market value on your taxes if you itemize [10]; the net result will be putting money in your pocket and a great charitable deed.
  • Use as stocking stuffers. Since the holidays are right around the corner, you can throw in some extra items for stockings. Chap stick, little gadgets and gizmos, and school supplies are usually fun for little ones.
  • Ship them to college students and servicemen and women overseas. They all love getting care packages, and sometimes just the necessities are a welcome gift. (Because of safety, I think that you must specifically ship packages to a specific soldier now. Ask around, and a neighbor or co-worker will probably have a contact if you don’t have a family member abroad.)

Action Plan

Since we’re celebrating the grand opening of our CVS, they sent $40 in coupons in the mail. I’m plotting my course to find the best way to use them!

Do you shop at CVS?