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25 Reasons to Love Credit Cards

Posted by Madison on January 4, 2008

The Great Credit Card Debate was launched when I challenged Ana at Debt Free Revolution to a credit card match. I love credit cards, so much so, that I have 89 accounts.  Ana hates them! Others have even noticed our opposing views, most recently highlighted by Father Sez. Ana’s official stance is on Ways Credit Card Companies Separate You From […]

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The Great Credit Card Debate Off to an Early Start!

Posted by Madison on January 3, 2008

We only have one more day until the big credit card debate…. however, Ana at Debt Free Revolution tried to slip in an early post: Dirty Credit Card Company Tricks. It seems she’s trying to convince Lynnae at Being Frugal to get rid of credit cards after being hit with a fee. Since I busted Ana, […]

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Financial Calculators

Posted by Madison on

In various posts I have referenced financial calculators that I like. I’m going to put them all in one post so they are easy to find for reference. As I find more, I’ll add them to this list: Retirement Firecalc can help you determine if you are ready for retirement and if your money will […]

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2007 Net Worth Update: +19.7%

Posted by Madison on January 2, 2008

We finished the year with a 19.7% change in our accessible net worth. We fell just short of our 21.6% goal for the year. Our total net worth change since January 2003 is 1062.5% just missing our dollar plan goal of 1080%.