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The Great Credit Card Debate Off to an Early Start!

We only have one more day until the big credit card debate…. however, Ana at Debt Free Revolution [1] tried to slip in an early post: Dirty Credit Card Company Tricks [2]. It seems she’s trying to convince Lynnae at Being Frugal to get rid of credit cards after being hit with a fee [3].

Since I busted Ana, I thought I’d leave some credit card goodwill to get things started on this side!

My husband carries a wallet that is over 14 years old. It looks terrible and is falling apart. However, he’s in love with it and won’t get rid of it… he even got a new one for Christmas but has no intention of using it. One of these days the wallet is going to break completely in half and he’s going to find that he has lost all the contents of his wallet.

Reason #1 to Love Credit Cards

If you lose cash, you are out the money. If you lose a credit card you can call and get a replacement card with a new number. In addition, they can close your account and you will not be responsible for the charges. Carrying cash: out of luck! This gives me some peace of mind in case I ever lose my purse or my husband’s wallet finally falls apart.

Check out 25 more reasons to love credit cards [4] in the official credit card debate! The war is on Ana!