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10 Amazing Frugal Gift Ideas Under $20

Our holiday gift guide [1] series continues! This week we are highlighting frugal gift ideas from readers!

Some of the best frugal gifts are not only the most practical gifts, but also the most appreciated gifts. And they often come straight from the heart!

Here are ten gifts that My Dollar Plan readers bought for friends and family in the past. Hopefully, there are some ideas in there just perfect for those on your list.

Frugal Gift Ideas

Frugal Gifts Under $20

  1. Fleur de Sel [2]. I bought some Fleur de sel for a family member that I know loves to cook. I know that he will appreciate the thought that I put into selecting this for him. -Briana
  2. Seed Sprouter [3]. Thought of cultivating some healthy habits for ourselves and teach our children. So we researched and got a sprout maker. We liked it and our children love it. We make sprouts and children are creative. They add dry fruits, nuts, etc. Also we sprout different seeds to have a balanced nutrition. -Ram
  3. Smartwool Socks [4]. They are such a lovely indulgence. -Le
  4. Journal [5]. I’m planning to buy a simple journal for my grandfather, who is 90 years old. He is still healthy and has definitely seen a lot, so in the journal, I’m writing down questions about his life that I want to be able to remember when he’s gone. I think he’ll love the opportunity to tell his story in such a personal way. This also does double duty as a frugal gift, since I plan to tell him that the completed journal can be his gift to me, next year. -Courtney
  5. Amazon Gift Cards [6]. A $20 Amazon card…that covers anything you could possibly want. -Writer’s Coin
  6. LED Mini Flashlight [7]. I bought my daughter one of those LED mini flashlights. She has a tough time fumbling to open the car door when it’s dark so she can carry this around easily in her purse and always have a light. -Tony J
  7. Personalized Photo Calendar [8]. Each year my mom and I make photo calendars for the family. Costco is the cheapest place I have found for printing them. It’s quick and easy. -Melody
  8. USB Drives [9]. I will be getting my daughters these USB Drives I found on Amazon. A cheap but useful tool for getting their homework to and from school in a technological age. -Chi
  9. Personalized T-shirts from Vistaprint [10]. Watch for sales and use the free shipping code for a great deal. -Heidi
  10. Family Fun Magazine [11]. My 4 daughters have small children and coming up with fun, inexpensive ideas for projects with them is a challenge. I am giving them a subscription to Family Fun magazine. I used to work with 1st grade children, and I found a lot of wonderful inexpensive ideas for class projects in this magazine. -Kim

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