8 Extremely Unique Gift Ideas

Posted by Amanda on November 8, 2011

There are people out there who seem to own absolutely everything. Not only do they own everything, but they tend to purchase all of the new products out on the market ahead of everyone else, leaving you with even less choices for gifts to purchase for them.

After reading a commenter’s misery in trying to find her father—one of those people who has everything—a gift for father’s day, his birthday, and Christmas every year, I thought I would put together a list of extremely unique gifts that I assure you most people do not own (and if they do…you might just want to give them a gift card, a smile, and call it a day).

Unique Gift Ideas

  1. Civet Coffee: My friend Helen introduced me to a type of coffee that is mild in flavor due to the processing…which occurs in the intestines of a Civet. This may sound disgusting, but people pay a lot of money for this coffee due to its distinct flavor (I don’t drink coffee so have not tasted it myself, but my friend says it’s phenomenal). It is made from the beans of coffee berries in Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi, the Indonesian archipelago and the Philippines, which have been eaten by the Asian Palm Civet and then passed through its digestive tract.
  2. Salts of the World: How neat to see the salt that is naturally produced in different parts of the world and to be able to taste the differences as well! This set includes salts from India, Italy, Korea, New Zealand, Cyrus, and Indonesia.
  3. Marshmallow Gun: I remember once going to my Uncle’s house and getting to use his potato gun. We all played target practice against the side of garage, and it was a huge hit with both the kids and the adults. Marshmallow guns can be just as fun!
  4. Poo Poo Stationary: My Maid of Honor introduced me to the world of Poo stationary when she came up with a very cool idea to have my bridal shower guests write down pieces of marriage advice of pages made from elephant poo! You can get post-it notes, notebooks, pads of paper, and other stationary made out of poo as gifts from this company. And don’t worry about it stinking, the paper is odorless.
  5. Diversion Safe: Unless they want to add a little fiber and water to their lives, I don’t see someone going in your fridge to steal your iceberg lettuce. On the flipside, someone in your family might grab this to eat so give everyone the heads up.  Also, the person you are giving this to will need to feel comfortable with you knowing about their diversion safe. Other choices include coca-cola cans, Suave Hairspray Can, or the Clorox bleach diversion safe.
  6. Whiskey Rocks: Made of natural soapstone, you can keep your drinks cold without diluting them. These particular ones are milled in Vermont, in the oldest soapstone workshop in the US.
  7. Mr. Food Face Plate: These would be a great gift to couples with picky eaters. This gets kids to play with their food and (hopefully) eat more of it!
  8. Butterfly Puddler: For people who want to attract butterflies to their gardens and yards, you fill the well of this stoneware with sand and water. When it evaporates, minerals that butterflies are attracted to are left behind.

Tune in every week as we continue our holiday gift guide series!

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  1. My kids and I made marshmallow guns out of PVC. SImple and inexpensive. http://esmerlda27.blogspot.com.....lding.html


    • Very cool! Thank you for sharing. The potato gun I talked about with my Uncle he made himself. I should try to make my own marshmallow gun as well!


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