It’s time to wrap up our holiday cash back series today with our final cashback site: Cash Crate.

Cash Crate is a site that allows you to get paid just for trying new offers!

Cash Crate is also our Featured Deal this week because in addition to earning cash back you can also earn money trying new products and taking research surveys!

How to Earn Money with CashCrate

  1. Sign up for a CashCrate account.
  2. Earn money by completing surveys, joining websites, and completing other offers.
  3. Once you reach $20, you’ll get your payment the following month.

What is Cash Crate?

Companies pay top dollar to have users test their products and services as a way of doing market research. Cash Crate is a site that puts you in touch with these types of offers, allowing you to earn extra cash.

How Does it Work?

You can earn cash rewards by trying new products, taking research surveys, shopping online through the Cash Crate portal and referring friends.

Cash Crate Tips

Fast Track. When you enroll, they give you a fast track list. The list is supposed to be the quick and easy offers that pay well.

Cash Back. You can also use your Cash Crate account to earn cash back for shopping online.

Referrals. You can refer your friends and family to earn 20% of what they make. In addition, there is a second tier of referrals to earn 10% on the friends your referrals refer. You also get a $3 bonus when your referral earns their first $10.

Forum. They have an active forum where users share tips and tricks. Browsing through it is a great way to figure out how to best spend your time.

Sign Up for Cash Crate

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Comments to How To Earn Money With CashCrate

  1. I signed up for Cash Crate a few months ago. Your reader was right about which things to do. I do the high payout things and promptly cancel with 2 days before the trial period ends. I’ve done this with Blockbuster, Credit Reporting Service and even Lifelock. I only choose reputable companies.


  2. I’ve been using Cash Crate since late last summer, and I make in excess of $100 month, almost every month. Some of the best money for cash crate is in the referrals, not necessarily in the offers themselves. Think of the offers as gravy – and the referrals as the meat and potatoes.

    It’s definitely worth giving it a try though. Even with just the offers you can usually make at least $30-40/month!

    Bible Money Matters

  3. I used this for awhile to try & earn some extra income but found that personally for me it was not worth the time & hassle, but then again I probably just wasn’t doing something right.


    Matt Jabs

  4. Referrals are what make Cash Crate and many similar programs worth it. That’s why I recommend it on my site.

    dustin @

  5. These types of sites kind of concern me, but the comments here lead me to believe this one is legitimate. Has anyone had any experience with ?

    Maggie Magpie

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