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Posted by Madison on March 6, 2009

I’m always on the lookout for free credit scores! Since it’s Free Money Friday, I thought it was the perfect time to highlight another one. Lazy recently told me about Credit Karma, which offers you free access to your credit score daily.

How to Get Your Free Credit Score

  1. Enroll at Credit Karma.
  2. Verify your email address and personal information to obtain your score.

Really, that’s it! It took me less than two minutes to sign up!

Additional Credit Information

Once you get your score, you can utilize additional fun features:

  • Credit Compare: View what percentile your credit score falls in for all Credit Karma users, your state, and your age bracket.
  • Credit Simulator: Predict your future score by changing some of your information. For example, what will closing some cards do? Obtaining a new loan? Inquiries?
  • Credit Snapshot: Find out your adverse action factors. These are the reasons your score is what it is, and you commonly see them listed on adverse action notices from financial institutions.

Credit Karma Credit Score

There are thousands of credit scores available, so this one isn’t going to match the one your insurance company uses, or the ones your bank uses, since it’s not a FICO score. But chances are, it will be close enough to give you an idea of your credit worthiness. The Credit Karma score is based on a scale of 300 to 850.

I didn’t have my FICO score handy when I enrolled at Credit Karma, so I’d be interested to hear some data points for those of you who check your Credit Karma score, and FICO score on the same day!

Credit Karma Details

Underlying Credit Report. Credit Karma uses the TransUnion credit report to calculate the score.

Credit Karma Blog. Credit Karma also operates a company blog.

Credit Reports

Credit Karma doesn’t give you access to your credit report. If you want to get your credit report along with your credit score, you can check out the following options:

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Comments to Free Credit Score from Credit Karma

  1. Woo! PERFECT timing, considering this month is when WaMu credit cards close and move to Chase, i.e. the month that WaMu free monthly credit score offer is no more. Thank you VERY much 😀


  2. It’s a pretty cool website. Hopefully it stays afloat.

    I got my first “credit score” over a month ago and it hasn’t updated for this month, but hopefully it will in the next week or so.

    I’m interested to see how my “score” will change from month to month based on my activity.


  3. Very accurate. I just checked my free credit score at Credit Karma and my score at Experian. The score was one point higher at Credit Karma.


  4. The only thing you missed is that if you have a fraud alert or use Lifelock then they can’t access your information and you can’t get your score. Sucks for me!


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