I’m watching the news carefully to see if the House and Senate can reach an agreement today on the economic stimulus bill. It could impact many of us and I’m sure whatever the final version is, we’ll have lots to discuss!

Economic Stimulus Bill

CNN highlights some differences between the two bills that they must compromise on:

  • The Senate version provides tax breaks for individuals making $70,000 or less, or for couples making $140,000 a year or less. That’s different from the $150,000 in the House bill.
  • The Senate bill, unlike the House version, would make the first $2,400 in unemployment benefits tax-free.
  • The Senate bill includes an amendment that would let those who buy a car in 2009 deduct the sales tax and loan interest payments. The House bill doesn’t include that provision.
  • The Senate bill doubles the House’s tax credit for first-time home buyers to $15,000, a measure championed by Republicans in the Senate.


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