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Income on Your W2 Form

W-2 Forms provide employees with wage and salary information to file your taxes. You’ll need your 2013 W-2 form before your can efile [1].

What is a W-2 Form?

A W-2 Form is a tax form your employer is required to provide to you to file your taxes.

A W-2 Form reports your income from that employer during the tax year along with your federal and state withholding based on the W-4 Form [2] you filled out for your employer.

The W-2 also includes your payroll tax deductions [3] for medicare and social security [4].

The W-2 also includes important information about pre-tax income such as health insurance [5] and contributions to your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) [6], 401(k) [7], and commuter benefit program.

These adjustments are what make your gross income different from the net income your receive on your paycheck.

When Do I Use a W-2 Form?

You will use a W-2 Form when filling out the income portion of your tax return on your 1040 Form [8].

How Do I Get My W-2 Form?

Your employer should give you information on when and how you will receive your 2013 W-2 form. The deadline for employers to mail your W-2 form is January 31. Most employers will mail your W-2 to your home.

W-2 Forms Online

Many employers are also currently making W-2 forms available online. To get your W-2 online, your employer must be enrolled in one of the W-2 forms online. The most popular site to download W-2 information is through w2express [9].

Other Income Forms Not on a Form W-2

Unemployment. If you’re looking for an unemployment W-2 to see your taxable unemployment income [10], look for a 1099-G.

Independent Contractor. If you are in independent contractor, you’ll get a 1099 [11] instead of a W-2 to report your income.