My kids don’t have baby books. Actually, they have them, but the entries are all blank except for the footprints from the hospital. However, since I started My Dollar Plan just after my second son was born (he’s turning 5 this year), I found many tidbits of their lives scattered throughout the site.

After years of writing articles, I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the really old articles that I wrote more than four years ago!

Many new readers haven’t seen these articles since they are buried so deep, but let’s take a look at some oldies. Ironically, as I was reading through them, it was fun to see if I followed through on some of the action plans that I documented.

Many things have changed since then, but some haven’t changed at all. One thing that is still the same is my obsession with opening accounts everywhere to take advantage of great deals (who doesn’t love a $500 sign up bonus?)

From the Archives

To keep track of all the accounts, I detailed How Do I Organize 181 Accounts? By the way, since I know you’ll ask, after some house cleaning and consolidation, I’m now down to about 139 accounts for us and 32 accounts for the kids.

As far as the family, I asked readers Should I Stay Home or Go Back to Work? and I put together Financial Strategies for Infants and Young Children and told my husband What to do if I die.

At the time we were also setting up a trust, so I detailed what it was like to Create a Special Needs Trust.

To save money I highlighted Creative Debt Reduction Strategies and readers chimed in with 30 Money Saving Tips.

And finally, I shared the details of our investment club, which will be celebrating 10 years later this year in How to Start an Investment Club.

Now, I’m off to try to fill in some of their baby books with random information I found buried in old articles…

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By the Numbers

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