Save Money at the Pump: Gas Reward Credit Cards

Posted by Madison on February 27, 2008

In my quest to sell my current car and buy a new car I’ve identified one of my criteria as good gas mileage. Meeting this criteria doesn’t eliminate the need to buy gas however!

Save Money on Gas

That’s where we’ve found that cashback credit cards come in handy. In Leaving Money on the Table I mentioned that we use a credit card to get 5% back on our gas purchases. It’s a nice reward since we usually spend $245 on gas each month.

You may also want to check out my list of the best cash rewards credit cards to save you money on everything you purchase!

If you're looking for a new credit card, be sure to check out our credit card directory!

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Comments to Save Money at the Pump: Gas Reward Credit Cards

  1. Hey Madison,
    Great job on compiling such a thorough list. Even a credit-phobe like me has to wonder if I shouldn’t use some of these programs.


  2. Thanks Madison! I’m going to click on these links to learn if one will be just what we need.

    KarenM in NC

    Karen Moeller

  3. You know I have considered getting a card for one or two of the gas stations I frequent most. I currently use the AMEX:Blue Cash card that you mentioned. I know I can get higher % back through those cards, but then I’ve got extra accounts to keep up with, and it cuts into my overall cash back spending, too.

    A thorough list nonetheless!

    No Debt Plan

  4. Kroger customer card gives .10 to .50 off a gallon for 4 fill ups per month at their gas stations. The amount off is based on how much you spent on groceries the previous month.

    We frequently get .50 off a gallon. Last month they offered an addt’l two fill-ups for a total of 6. We were $50 away from the .50 off a gallon tier so I purchased a $50 gift card to one of our favorite restaruants to ensure we got the maximum .50 off a gallon.

    My truck has a 24 gal tank and I typically get 23 gallons at fill up. I saved $69 on gas for the month, plus 3% rewards on gas and groceries with my rewards credit card. I also received 3% reward for the restaurant since the gift card was bought at the grocery store!


  5. Good list. I use Discover Open Road for gas purchases only, and it’s been great. I only drive to/from work, so it comes out under $100 a month. I don’t normally spend enough to earn higher rewards on AmEx card but I keep it around for when I need to buy items for which I want to use their warranty protection – I used it for a TV in December.


  6. Thanks for this list, Madison. I’ve got to look into one of these cards for gasoline purchases. Between Mr. A’s business, and personal gasoline purchased, we spent $1600 during the month of April. We could have gotten back $80 with that American Express card!

    Mrs. Accountability

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