Merry Christmas from American Express

Posted by Madison on December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas! We made it through our airport adventure yesterday with 2 delays for 4 hours, one rebooking and a trip to the emergency room for a dislocated elbow… but we eventually made it! I hope your Christmas is enjoyable and you are having a relaxing day.

I grabbed a couple minutes today to open some mail and do some paperwork. I opened my husband’s American Express IN: CHICAGO credit card bill and to my horror, I saw a $689.72 finance charge. This isn’t what I expected to see on a credit card with 0% interest! We recently did a $59,800 balance transfer. However, it posted under the purchase category at 13.5% instead of the 0% intro rate.

I’ll go back to the paperwork that came with the opening of the account to verify, but I believe that we had 90 days to take advantage of the intro interest rate. I’m pretty careful about the transfers since we run a substantial credit card arbitrage strategy. I’ll have Mr. Dupaix call tomorrow to get it fixed. This would be a pretty expensive mistake if I misread some of the information! Yikes!

Back to the Christmas festivities…

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Comments to Merry Christmas from American Express

  1. Hope you get it fixed! This is EXACTLY why I don’t like credit cards and credit card companies!


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