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Posted by Madison on October 29, 2007

I have always had a passion for seeking out ways to squeeze every penny out of a dollar and then some. When I hear about a great financial idea I like to push it just a little further to see if I can’t make some more money.

I opened my first IRA while I was still in high school, and converted it to a Roth IRA the first year it was available. Since then, the Internet only fueled my love of finances, as the ideas from others are endless. I discovered various financial blogs and forums and started an investment club with friends. I’m often asked about all kinds of financial topics from family and friends, and loosely manage four relatives’ portfolios.

Over time I have scattered money tidbits everywhere… in my brain, in emails to friends and family, in notebooks around the house, in various files on the computer and to-do lists everywhere.

My Dollar Plan will bring all four worlds together: Advising friends and family, keeping my money strategies organized, sharing my ideas with others, and generating some income.

Also spurring my desire to create this blog is my husband, who has claimed that I’m crazy to write this…. no one will want to read my financial thoughts. I would love to prove him wrong and create a gigantic money blog. Of course he has offered to provide me with tech support, since I know relatively little about that side of things, so he must have some secret belief in me.

Another thing, you will likely notice is that I’m a finance person, not an English major. So while I will do my best to use spell-checker, my grammar might make you cringe! Once I get started on a money topic, my mind flies at warp speed, and I tend to jump topics….. I hope it will be easy to read and follow, but if not I apologize. And since I’m not married to an editor, there won’t be anyone taking care of that aspect currently.

Read more here about me.

Next up: developing goals for the blog.

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  1. Thank you Madison for all that you do to help educate others on the way to truly become financially independent and making it fun along the way.


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