GE Interest Plus $25 Signup Bonus

Posted by Madison on April 25, 2008

It’s Friday! You know what that means… time for free money! There’s a benefit to having 181 accounts, it’s easy to find free money among the accounts I have. Today I found one that I opened about 10 years ago for the bonus…. and they are still offering the signup bonus!

GE Interest Plus


  • The account invests in corporate notes of GE (with a AAA-rating), so it is not FDIC insured.
  • The current interest rate is 3%.
  • The minimum investment is $500 (or $250 if you sign up for automatic investments).
  • There are no maintenance fees.

For more information read the prospectus or the FAQ.

Using the account

I found it very convenient to withdraw money; they give you a checkbook. However, each check cannot be written for less than $250. You can also link the account to your checking account to make transfers.

$25 Bonus

Here is the application. You can find the $25 bonus mentioned here.

I couldn’t find any referral bonuses for this account, but you could open one individual account for yourself and one for your spouse to receive $50. You can also open custodial accounts for children.

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