Finance Tips: Moving Costs and Getting Rid of Junk

Posted by Kate on July 29, 2012

If you’re in the midst of a move, this week’s finance tips on insurance, moving costs, cutting expenses & getting rid of junk are definitely for you. Read on for all that and more!

Finance Reads

Moving Advice: How to Save on Your Next Move – My apartment is in shambles right now because I’m in the middle of a move so this was a very timely read! -Money Under 30

Expenses You Are Paying Too Much For – I always love a good reminder on how to cut down on expenses! -Generation X Finance

Shopping For Insurance – A must-read for anyone who is thinking about shopping around for insurance (includes actual quotes). -FreeMoneyFinance

Garage Sale Tips: How To Sell Junk For Cash – Most people sell online these days but don’t count out a good old-fashioned garage sale! -The Digerati Life

Dividend Investing Strategy – Invest through your Corporation – I’ve always been curious about dividend investing and this was a great primer. -Million Dollar Journey

The Savings behind Skipping the Cart – An interesting look at how online shopping can save you money. -The Sun’s Financial Diary

Money Market Account VS Savings Account – What’s the Difference? – I’ve never thought about opening a Money Market Account so I thought this was a good read, especially the points on when to use one vs. the other. -Free From Broke

Keeping Balance: Work, Play, Income, Spending – The question of balance is always such a tough one – a great read on the subject. – Moolanomy

7 Ways Parents Overspend on Their Newly Born Baby – An essential read for any new or expecting parents! -Financial Highway

Carnival of Personal Finance – Don wrote about How to Calculate the Total Cost of a New Car in the Carnival of Personal Finance.

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Comments to Finance Tips: Moving Costs and Getting Rid of Junk

  1. Thanks for ” The savings behind skipping the cart”. Looks like it has some good sites to help save on line.

    John kopchik

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