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Economic Stimulus Checks, Day Jobs, and Allowances

I’m finally learning how to do all the cool social networking stuff on the internet! Ever since I graduated from college (7 years ago), I haven’t really kept up to date beyond emailing.

Recently I’ve been on a roll, first I learned to text message on my Sprint Centro with the SERO plan [1] and now I’m finally into some of the technology on the web. Here’s how to find me:

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Economic Stimulus Money

Your Economic Stimulus Check is Coming [6]
The IRS pushed up the schedule and the first checks began arriving this week.

Adding 10% to Your “Economic Stimulus” Rebate [7]
A great idea to stretch your rebate dollars even further at Krogers… I just wish we had one!

Economic Stimulus Rebate – Frequently Asked Questions [8]
Everything you need to know about your rebate check: the who, what, when and how much.

The Day Job

Build A Business Before You Go Solo [9]
This is a timely article for me after I was handed the news about our pension plan [10]. It is important to get things sorted out before relying on a new business.

Speaking of job quitting… Brip Blap did just that last week [11]. Read the good and the bad about his new move and see if it will be permanent.


Reviewing my children’s allowances [12]
With two kids still in diapers, we haven’t hit the allowance phase, but it is something I’m considering. See how one family does it and if it is working or not.

Do You Pay Your Kids an Allowance? [13]
Instead of an allowance, this family uses a commission schedule.

By the numbers:

Other articles I enjoyed this week: