We’re back! Although the popular thing to do right now is a staycation to avoid high gas prices, we still went on our vacation. And it was wonderful!

It’s always so hard to switch back from vacation mode to work mode after a long break. I’m just starting to get caught up on email.

Thanks to all the guest posts while we were gone: Rich, Ben, and Tisha.
If anyone ever wants to guest post in the future, feel free to contact me.


While I was on vacation, I couldn’t help but think about unplugging permanently from the real world…

Work-life balance is a false choice
Clearly, I’m struggling with this right now. Hopefully I’ll get it straightened out soon!

Building Multiple Income Streams As A Career
Look at where the job ends up – very active. I need to reassess and make sure that I’m focusing on some more passive income streams.

Who’s Your Favorite – Meet the Money Smart Life Writers
I think Ben has a great idea, he’s hiring some writers to help him out on his site. Maybe I should learn something from him and get a little help here at My Dollar Plan. Anyone interested?

Downsizing Your House

Sell Your House, Downsize and Give The Proceeds To Charity?
Interesting story about a family downsizing their 6,500 square foot mansion. They’re off to travel the world for charity work with half the proceeds.

Living Like Millionaires: Day 12
This family is moving to a resort. I pitched a similar idea to my husband over dinner last night, but he wasn’t real keen on the idea… back to the drawing board.

The Final Tally – Moving Costs And Our Cost of Living Differences.
See how much David saved by relocating from California to New Mexico. While it would save us money to relocate, we’re close to my family here, so I wouldn’t consider this option right now.

Downsizing Your Stuff

I guess everyone out there saw my eyes get wide on vacation, thinking we might want to purchase a boat again, maybe a vacation home, and a bunch of junk. Luckily many articles stopped me in my tracks!

How To Avoid Buying Things You Do Not Need!
The way to avoid ending up with a big cluttered house is to not buy the junk in the first place. Here is how to keep yourself from spending.

Detaching From Material Possessions a Sign of Emotional and Financial Maturity
Since I sold my sports car and bought a cheaper minivan, I guess I’m growing up in the world of financial maturity….

28 Unique Bits of Financial Brilliance
Stop buying stuff you don’t need is the first tip. I’m sensing a common theme here about my crazy spending thoughts I had on vacation!

Bank Failures

Banks Taken Over by FDIC in 2008
Our construction loan on our house was with IndyMac when we built, so I was closely following the FDIC takeover.

FDIC Insurance Q&A: Businesses, Joint Accounts, CDARS, WaMu, and More
Everything you need to know about bank failures and how it affects your accounts.

More articles I liked this week:

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