Credit card use bonus money solicited

Posted by Madison on November 2, 2007

Today the Dollar-a-day challenge originated from junk mail again. The mail that I used to throw away is fulfilling many challenges and is turning into a great source of new money.

I received an offer from Bank of America to use one of our current credit cards to receive $15. You must spend $250 before December 31. Christmas is approaching and we haven’t purchased all our gifts yet or our plane tickets, it should be no problem. We will get savings on purchases we had to make anyways.

To maximize the earnings, we need be to spend as little over $250 as possible. Other charges can then still be made on our FIA card that deposits 2% into the kids’ 529 plan. $15/$250 = 6%. Subtract the typical 2% we receive, and the result for today’s challenge is $10.

Once again, easy money from the garbage can. Now that my eyes are open, the dollars are just popping up everywhere. It is as if I open the mailbox and dollars are just falling out…. well not quite to that extreme, but extra money none the less.

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Comments to Credit card use bonus money solicited

  1. The Credit card offers that come through the mail are enticing but you must always be aware of their use because if you don’t pay the entire balance you’ll be paying interest in not only the exsisting balance and any new purchases. Those interest rates can vary anywhere from 8%-27%.

    Lindsey Novello

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