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9 Creative Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

We’re continuing the holiday gift guide [1] highlighting gift ideas for everyone on your list, including the person who has everything! Today we’re featuring creative gift ideas.

There are some people who seem to own everything already. When you attempt to think about what to get them for Christmas and the holidays, it turns into a grueling chore instead of a joyous act of giving. After all, all of the ideas that bubble up they either have, wouldn’t be able to use, or wouldn’t like anyway. So what do you do?

A safe bet is to either gift an experience [2] of some sort (movie tickets, gift certificates [3] to bowl/miniature golf/etc.) or to give homemade goodies [4]. But if you are still hoping to purchase a gift for them, here are nine unique ideas that, hopefully, they do not have.

Creative Gift Ideas

  1. Cell Phone Radiation Blocker. The jury is still out [5] on whether or not radiation from cell phone usage can cause cancer in the long run. My husband works in IT and I am a blogger, so I believe that our cell phone usage is above normal (due to our data usage for emails and social media). It’s nice to know that there are products out there to help block some of the potentially harmful radiation that we all may be encountering on a daily basis. You could purchase a protective case bag [6] (this one comes in leather [7]), which will reduce phone radiation by approximately 96%, or you could purchase a hard case cover for phones such as the iPhone [8].
  2. Name a Star in their Honor. Through the International Star Registry [9], you can name a star in the sky anything that you want. The prices start at $54.00, and include a beautiful certificate with the star’s name, as well as coordinates so that they can find the star in the sky. (Note: right now there is a deal on Living Social for this company, and you can name a star for just $20! It ends on December 18, 2012).
  3. Vanity Tags. Who wouldn’t love to see their name or nickname on a license plate? There are so many choices depending on age, interests, and style. You can choose airbrushed [10] designs, animal prints [11], metal, brands, sports teams, etc. A cute pet vanity tag [12] would melt their heart as well.
  4. Razor Life Extender. Almost everyone shaves, or at least has someone in their household who does. Imagine how much money you could save them over the years with something like the Blade Buddy [13], which has been tested to make razors stay sharp for up to 5 years!  Have I mentioned that I love giving gifts that will save the recipient money?
  5. Toe Separators and Accessories. In yoga class we always spend a few minutes giving attention to our toes. We stretch them, we do exercises to strengthen them, and we separate them using our fingers. It turns out that there are many medical reasons for consistently separating your toes [14] (aside from the fact that it usually feels great!). And if you don’t have enough money (or courage) to splurge on some toe shoes [15], then toe socks are a great alternative [16].
  6. A Crackling Candle. Okay, I know a candle is not unusual at all, and your recipient (who has everything) probably owns a closet of them. But this is not just any candle; the wick makes a crackling noise like a lit fireplace! I was given one as a company gift [17] six years ago (this brand [18]) and it was such a treat to light it in my apartment during the winter as we did not have a fireplace.
  7. Message Beans. Instead of giving them a card, you can give them a message bean [19]. They add water and a bean plant sprouts with a message on the bean pod.
  8. Ghost Hunter Equipment. Television shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Celebrity Ghost Stories and Paranormal State have brought ghost hunting and research out into the public eye. You can now purchase equipment for ghost hunting, such as a Ghost Meter EMF Sensor [20] (measures electric fields), an EVP Listener [21], or an IR Infrared Thermometer Gun [22].
  9. Gift Card and Money Puzzle. If you are giving a gift card [3] or money, you can purchase a puzzle/maze to put it in. How fun—your recipient cannot get to it until they complete the puzzle [23].

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