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Posted by Madison on November 12, 2008

Contests and Freebies

Do you love entering contests and signing up for freebies? You can check out the new Simply Contests blog featuring as many easy to enter sweepstakes, contests, and freebie offers that she can find. You can also subscribe to her feed to stay on top of all the contests!

Test Your Color IQ

Want to take your mind off your finances for a few minutes in this crazy economy? Test Your Color IQ is a fun visual test that I stumbled on a few weeks ago. I’m addicted to trying to get a perfect score. (You may need to select a country first, before it will give you the test.)

OK, back to personal finance…

Money and Your Mindset

Feeling Rich in a Broke Economy
“It can feel good to feel wealthy, especially in hard times, and it can be surprisingly small things that get you there.”

Money is 100 Percent Emotional
“When you can identify your fears, you’ll be on your way to redefining your relationship with money, because simple self-awareness is half the battle.”

What desperation looks like
Could you handle a layoff? Do you live paycheck to paycheck without even realizing it? An interesting perspective from Steve, who is about to be laid off.

Are You Struggling With Financial Decisions?
Ben’s theory that we “avoid making these decisions because we’re time poor, uncertain about the fine print, and fearful of the outcome.”

More Personal Finance

Manage the Family Finances by Cutting Expenses AND Increasing Income
Some options for earning income from home when money is tight.

All About Annuities
Check out the pros and cons if you have ever considered buying an annuity.

Investing for College Requires a Slightly Different Approach Compared to Investing for Retirement
Breakdown by age bracket of considerations and a possible asset allocation for each age group.

Living Frugal With Other People’s Money
When you are traveling on company dollar… are you as frugal as you are with your own money?

Circuit City Bankrupted
Time to watch for deals as the stores close up and clearance out products.

By the Numbers

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