Tricks from the Rich to Grow Your Wealth

Posted by Don on January 7, 2015

Almost anywhere you turn, you see news stories about the widening gap between the rich and the poor. As a result of this inequality, many prominent figures have come forth with their thoughts on how to fix things. Some want to raise taxes on the rich. Others want to raise wages for those working certain […]

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5 Keys to Becoming a Millionaire

Posted by Don on October 22, 2014

Do you want to become a millionaire? I’ll assume you answered yes to that question. What are your plans for getting there? Rob a bank? You will probably have to rob a good number of banks to get to a million dollars and then you will most likely end up in jail anyway. On second […]

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How to Become a Billionaire

Posted by Don on August 5, 2014

A reader recently wrote in wanting to know how to become a billionaire. There is no set path to becoming a billionaire. If there was, you can be certain that I would have majored in it in college along with everyone else. Realize from the start that odds are against you becoming a billionaire. I […]

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How to Handle a Financial Windfall

Posted by Nick on October 10, 2012

Financial windfalls: Big tax refund. Inheritance. (I’m sorry for your loss.) Winning the lottery. (Congratulations! Although playing in the first place should be done in moderation, if at all.) So, you’ve suddenly found yourself in a position of having a ton of money (to you, anyway) and don’t know what to do with it. Your […]

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Financial Advice for Pro Athletes

Posted by Jill on August 23, 2011

I’m sitting at home watching an NFL pre-season game. Growing up in Texas, football was a big part of my high-school life, even though I’m a little embarrassed to say I don’t always understand the game… Every time I watch what amounts to a bunch of people mostly my age or younger beating each other […]

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Do Negative Millionaires Exist?

Posted by Madison on November 20, 2007

This is the second post in a series about millionaire status. Read about the first one here: Millionaires in the Making: Pros and Cons. The million dollar number is often set as a personal goal for many people. Has anyone ever gone the other way and made it to the dark side of a million? […]

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Millionaires in the Making: Pros and Cons

Posted by Madison on November 11, 2007

CNN Money hosts a section on their website called Millionaires in the Making. Once or twice a month they highlight a family that is well on their way. (Or sometimes not so well.) The articles disclose salary, debt, savings, and budgets for the highlighted family. What makes people want to give out all this information? […]

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