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Savings Bonds in Electronic Form

Posted by Madison on October 31, 2007

As I sort through the piles and piles of financial articles and clippings all over, I found an old clipping I saved in Bloglines. This article about how to convert paper savings bonds to electonic from My Money Blog is on my to-do list for Sam. As I was accessing her safe deposit box (I […]

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Strategy to Contribute More Than Roth IRA Limit Allows

Posted by Madison on October 29, 2007

One of my favorite retirement tools is a Roth IRA. Yearly contribution limits keep us from using it for all our retirement assets. However, a little known way to contribute additional funds is through the use of an after tax account with an employer who allows in service withdrawals. Fortunately my employer allows this. Here’s […]

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Introduction to

Posted by Madison on

I have always had a passion for seeking out ways to squeeze every penny out of a dollar and then some. When I hear about a great financial idea I like to push it just a little further to see if I can’t make some more money. I opened my first IRA while I was […]

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