Another American Express Prepaid Card $25+ Bonus

Posted by Madison on August 24, 2012

Really? Another $25 bonus from American Express? My stack of $25 gift cards from American Express just keeps growing! The American Express cards are this week’s Free Money Friday offer!

Make sure you take advantage of it soon because just like the offer we saw only 2 months ago, the offer expires at the end of the month!

How to Get Your $25

  1. Order an American Express Prepaid card by August 31, 2012.
  2. Load at least $200 onto the card when you order it.
  3. Receive a complimentary $25 gift card.
  4. The card should be mailed to you within 6 weeks of loading your $200.

American Express Terms and Conditions

  • Offer ends August 31, 2012 (card orders must be received by 11:59 PM ET that day.)
  • Limit of one $25 Gift Card per new Card User named on a Card; Limit one offer per Card.
  • Offer valid for all new Card orders with a single $200 load, including additional/supplemental accounts associated with an existing Card purchaser’s account.

More on American Express Prepaid Cards

No Credit Check. There is no credit check for the American Express Prepaid card.

No Fees. No monthly or annual fees, no purchase fees, no credit check and no overdraft fees.

Offer Not Targeted. Some of the American Express Prepaid cards in the past were targeted offers. This offer is available to everyone.

American Express Prepaid Tips and Tricks

After taking advantage of the last deal, here are some tips I learned:

Activate the Card. In order to qualify for the $25 bonus card, you must activate the prepaid card after you receive it. Last time, I just put the card in my to-do pile and didn’t get around to this step for quite awhile, delaying my $25 gift cards.

Cash Out at ATM. I didn’t have an immediate need for the prepaid cards, so I tested out the ability to cash out the card at our local fee-free ATM at the credit union. It worked like a charm, and we were able to cash out the full $200 value of the cards.

Multiple Cards. Each person is allowed 3 American Express Prepaid cards, but only 1 card in your name. You can buy them for other people (like 2 other family members). $25 x 3 may be possible, but it is unclear based on the the terms and conditions if all 3 cards will qualify for the bonus. Last time, I just signed up each family member with their own account and card to make sure we qualified.

$50 More Free Money

If you took advantage of the June offer, check your email for another free $50 from the previous offer. Look for the email titled “Get a $50 Gift Card* and make life easier with direct deposit on your American Express Prepaid Card.” The targeted email offer says you’ll get a $50 American Express Gift Card after your first two direct deposits of at least $250 each. This offer just keeps going and going!

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Comments to Another American Express Prepaid Card $25+ Bonus

  1. Hi, you mentioned that you cashed out the card at our local fee-free ATM at the credit union. Were any fees whatsover charged, bankin or non-banking? If not, what was this Credit Union? I am having a hard time finding completly fee free ATM in my area. How can I find one? Any ideas? Thanks!


    • Hi Neno,
      There were no fees when I used the ATM from either American Express or the credit union.

      Yes, it was a credit union. I’m not aware of a list of free ATMs, but you could start with the NCUA directory, put in your city and work your way down the list until you find one.

      Good luck!


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