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2 New Amazon Gift Card Bonuses

I think I’m going to miss the UPS delivery men after the holidays. They stop by my house every day (sometimes twice a day) with my daily stack of packages. They always take time to chat a little and talk to the kids, which is amazing since they’re so busy this time of year.

They probably think I’m a shopaholic based on the number of boxes. Sometimes, I feel like telling them that I got a really good deal on every single box they’re bringing to my house, and I have free Prime shipping [1], so in reality I’m spending a lot less than they think I am, since most of the time, each box is just one item that I purchased for less than $10 [2]…..

….Instead, I just smile.

Amazon Gift Card Bonuses

For all the other Amazon junkies (who just appear to be shopaholics)… two new Amazon gift card [3] bonuses couldn’t have come at a better time!

Now there really isn’t an end in sight to my daily exchange with the delivery men. Maybe one of these days I’ll even surprise them with an inexpensive gift [4]! Would that be weird?

Amazon Coinstar Bonus

We mentioned that you can get an iTunes bonus [5] from Coinstar. Starting today, it also applies to Amazon!

  1. Cash in $40 for an Amazon gift card [3] at a Coinstar machine and get a $10 bonus.
  2. Apply your $10 Amazon bonus to toys and games.

In addition to Amazon and iTunes, the Coinstar bonus also applies to Lowe’s, Borders, Rixty and Regal.

Amazon Gift Card Email Bonus

The second Amazon gift card [3] bonus was delivered via email this week. Everyone I checked with received the email, so it looks like it was sent out to a wide audience.

  1. Check your email for the Amazon gift card bonus.
  2. Mine came on Monday and Tuesday with the title “Buy a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card and Get $5 to Spend on Yourself” if you want to search for it.
  3. Buy $50 in Amazon Gift Cards [3] by December 25.
  4. Get a $5 promo code emailed by January 7th, 2011.