As you finish up all of your Halloween costume planning this week, make sure to take a look at some of these great finance reads from around the web!

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Finance Reads

How Much Do You Need to Save for Early Retirement? – If you are contemplating early retirement, this is a must-read! -Million Dollar Journey

4 Retirement Tips Young Adults Can Implement NOW – These are simple tips but they’re worth repeating because of how important it is to start thinking of retirement when it is far off. -MoneyNing

8 Tips Everyone Should Know About Home Insurance – Insurance can sometimes be so complicated to figure out but this article does a great job of highlighting “must-knows” for your home insurance. -Lazy Man and Money

How Much Did the Great Recession Cost You? – I’ve never stopped to think about what impact the Great Recession had on my life because it happened so soon after I graduated. It’s definitely an interesting exercise though! -CashMoneyLife

Six Figure Interviews– FMF has started an interesting series on individuals earning at least $100k per year, detailing how they got there. It’s pretty cool to see the different paths that people have taken to get to that point. -FreeMoneyFinance

How to Put an End to Car Loans Forever – With a few exceptions, I think most people would agree that buying a car with cash is the way to go. Here are some great tips on how to do it! -MoneySmartLife

4 Actions I Took to Finally Follow My Dream – This is an excellent read for anyone contemplating a career change or any other big move. -GoGirl Finance

How We Spend Our Money – I always think it’s so interesting to see how people spend their money because you can see how there’s really no one right way. -Three Thrifty Guys

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