The Best Airline Rewards Credit Cards

Posted by Madison on July 18, 2008

It’s our last week of vacation and we’ll be heading home this weekend. In Free Money Friday fashion, here’s a vacation themed money saver for you: airline rewards credit cards!

I’m a big fan of frequent flier miles. We used miles for our honeymoon to Hawaii. What better way to travel, than for free?

As with all the credit cards I highlight, I’ll keep the list updated so you can bookmark it and check back in the future.

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Comments to The Best Airline Rewards Credit Cards

  1. You just have to be pretty discipined to use these. If not a few slipup will kill you with late fees and interest


  2. Well I am a student and cannot get any of these credit cards. I have however applied for a student credit card with a max of $300. So I am excited to receive that shortly

    Ryan @ Smarter Wealth

  3. @ Ryan: I’ll work on putting together a list just for student cards in the future.


  4. So far, Starwood Amex worked best for me, since points can be transferred to any air mile program. I have also had an airline card on the side for bonus miles, which I change every year to get a new bonus. Have you found a good alternative to this? Anything like a free or a low cost card that would be offering you for example anniversary bonus miles instead but you would not have to bother replacing every year?


  5. I try to use my credit card on all purchases as much as possible and pay my other bills with it too. This is the way I accumulate points.


  6. Which card do you think is the best for flights from state to state, and NOT out of the country. Specifically, I live in Florida and have family and friends in Ohio, and due to a large number of important events this year, I will need to make many round trips (both exciting AND expensive!)

    Amanda Kortokrax

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